David Wedding


It’s been awhile, blog. I photographed my first Wedding “officially” last month. It was such an challenge, yet amazing. I chose the photos below mainly at random, there were so many… and I was really please with myself at how they … Continue reading

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Mitch & Kristan – Wedding!


Hi, fellow WordPress bloggers, strangers and friends whom might be reading this. I’ve been neglected this blog/webpage and just posting my photos in general. We’ve/I’ve been trying to get my life on track.. Anyway, this past weekend I attended my … Continue reading

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“Backyard” continued.


these photos were taking at the same time as the previous blog. However they’re in total different theme, so I gave it, it’s own post. This kitty is extremely shy, but some unknown reason he really didn’t mind the camera in … Continue reading

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Summer in a Backyard.


The photographs I am about to post were taken in Lower South River – yesterday. My mother had to work there, so I tagged along to help. Although I ended up outside for a little bit; taking pictures. I can … Continue reading

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Instagram Fun!


I’m heading down home today, to Antigonish. My baby girl (puppydog) has been sick, and I prefer to take her to a vet she/I am familiar with. I’ll be leaving behind the rest of my little family, but I girls gotta do … Continue reading

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A Saint Mary’s Graduation!


Yesterday I met a family after their brother’s / friends Graduation to take photos around the Saint Mary’s Campus here in Halifax. The Graduate graduated in Business of Commerce, the women were dressed beautifully, and it was an over-all experience – as the majority of … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Joey!


I’ve just been sitting here with Joey my bichon. – she hasn’t been feeling the best. Her ninth birthday just past, I know she won’t let her old age get to her. Anyway, I decided to dig up some pictures of … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Stroll


Happy Monday everyone! I’m hoping the weekend was wonderful and you all had time to see your Mothers this past weekend. We were HOME in Antigonish. Helped at the May Fest (discovered some gems for myself), celebrated a friends birthday, … Continue reading

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The Mills Family


Yesterday, I took a trip to Laurie Park to photograph a family; with two young boys, one only a year old, and the other 3. It was a huge challenge to take photos; the baby was so busy and wanted … Continue reading

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